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Carolyn Lee

My artistic journey has led toward a love of winged creatures covered with feathers (birds) and metal (airplanes).


Painting the paper airplanes in the Airmail Series started after my son, a pilot, and daughter-in-law, Ben and Allison, became Air Traffic Controllers. They moved into an apartment with empty walls and wanted some airplane art. Playing with the geometric shapes of the airplanes and adding color, pattern and texture has been fun. The Pieces are named using the Aviation Alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.....)


Bird paintings started when my daughter, Vivian, found a cockatiel one day when the family was out for a stroll at Mystic Lake in Massachusetts. We took him to the MSPCA and ended up adopting him. We named him Mysti. Never in a million years would I have gotten a bird for a pet, but he ended up being great fun. I didn't know birds had such personalities! Vivian's interest in birds also grew as did her love for art. She is an illustrator, graduating from Lesley University in May 2020, and enjoys incorporating birds in her art. She even has a Patreon page dedicated to her bird illustrations.


Vivian and I collaborate on our Empty Nest Collection and Bird Family Commissions. We really thrive on the creative process together and frequently bounce ideas off one another either in person at our studio, or taking pictures and texting when she is at school. Love this technology!

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